Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

That's what I have.

Today is Wednesday. Last Thursday, at work, I got popped in the eye by a plastic strap that sprung apart from around a bundle of magazines. I didn't think anything of it except, "Ow." It felt like it hit my eyelid, not my eyeBALL.

Wrong! The outer half of my eyeball turned pink. Friday, it was still pink. (I did tell my supervisor what happened, on Thursday, after he asked me why I was wearing a ScoobyDoo bandaid on my arm. I told him I'd cut my arm on the corner of a hamper and it wouldn't stop bleeding, which is why he'd seen me heading for the bathroom with my bloody arm clutched in my other hand. He mentioned, "Your eye's all pink, too." So I told him about the plastic strap, and he said, "Not having a good day, are you?")

Saturday, it was redredred. Sunday, it was only pink, so I stopped worrying.

Monday, it was red again. It didn't hurt, only felt sort of dry, like wind was blowing on it. Supervisor told me that had happened to him once, half his eye had been red like mine, and he'd been given eye drops for it. I told him that Wednesday was a non-scheduled day, and I'd go to the doctor.

Tuesday (yesterday) it was red, still, and I had to assure people I didn't have pinkeye (conjunctivitis). I told them it was a hemorrhage from an eye injury, so they'd stop backing away from me like I had the plague. Little did I know!

So, today I spent a couple of hours trying to find the right place to go for Urgent Care (5 places!), and an hour-and-a-half actually being seen to. Not bad, huh? Only an hour-and-a-half! And everyone was terrific.

Turns out I was right.It WAS a hemorrhage. I didn't hurt the cornea, only bruised it, but I got some eye drops, anyway. I also got a tetanus shot. Not because I needed one, but because I couldn't remember the last time I got one. So now I have a big, honking bandaid on my arm, and it'll hurt like hell peeling it off. The shot didn't hurt a bit, but the bandaid removal sure will!

So that was my day off-- running around not having a much of a day off.

But I'm glad my eye's on the mend (it's only a dark pink today) and now I can step on a rusty nail somewhere and not have to worry about lockjaw. Pretty good, huh?

Oh, yeah. I had to have my blood pressure taken, and it's wayway down from what it was last spring when none of us where I used to work knew what was going to happen to us, and my BP was in the "stroke at any moment" range. Now it's back to "only nervous about having my BP taken" range, and I can give blood again. AND, when I'm driving to work in thick, thick fog (like I did the day before yesterday at 4am) or blinding rain (like a couple of weeks ago), I don't have to wonder if my stress level is about to kill me. I like that. I can just worry about normal rain- and fog-related things, like not being able to see anything, crazy drivers, and stray cows on the freeway. (Yes! It happened last week!) Life is good.


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Happy to hear that you are ok.

Dearest M.

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