Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is "Boycott V- Day! Day"

Like I do every year, I'm doing my personal boycott of Valentine's Day. I took the day off work so I don't have to be an unwilling participant in the mandatory candy- and card-giving bulloney.

I'm not against being in love or all the emotional stuff, I'm just against unrealistic expectations, which become more unrealistic every year.

People at work didn't understand when I explained why I was staying home for V-Day. They can't believe someone would boycott such a wonderful day. Then they shared their angst with me over the gifts they bought/might get.

Hello?!? They still couldn't see my point when I told them they were doing exactly what I was trying to explain. Thanks to all the commercials and ads telling men and women what their women and men REALLY want, so that's what they REALLY should get, and spend all that REALLY big money on, no one REALLY ever seems to be happy.

And after the day's over, or even before it's over, too many people just seem to be angry. So-and-so didn't get them the right gift. Or so-and-so didn't spend enough money on the gift. Or so-and-so didn't get them a gift at all. (Sounds just like Christmas, doesn't it?)

The Daughters and I went to the drugstore last night to buy a few things, and the parking lot was packed. We had to drive around and around until there was a spot, and inside the store it was bedlam, especially in the card aisle. People were agonizing over the right card and the paltry selection (because not one ready-made card said exactly the right thing, damn it!), worrying over being able to find an appropriate gift (at a drugstore? Come on!), and hoping what they bought would be enough and their Valentine-person wouldn't end up hating them.


I have to admit to some smug superiority because I had removed myself from all that. I didn't even have to stand in line because no one was at the perfume counter, so we paid there. Couldn't believe no one was at the perfume counter. Valentine's Day? Perfume?

Last month when I requested February 14th off, I had no idea I might have a Valentine-person. Well, um, things have sort of changed, but it hasn't changed my boycott. He doesn't agree with me on it, but I don't care. And he doesn't care that I don't care. It's not a big enough issue. Maybe he's even secretly relieved. (Probably not, though. Like I said, it's not an issue.)

This morning I text-messaged my Valentine-person. Yes, I TM'd him-- it was 6 am and he was asleep. Besides, I figured he'd get a little kick out of turning on his phone and getting a Valentine's Day TM. Me bending my boycott and all.

He TM'd me back: Happy Valentine's Day :-x

Good feelings, acknowlegement for being special, and it didn't cost a thing. Perfect.


Anonymous Keith in Modesto said...

Congratulations on getting a Valentine-person!

9:43 PM  

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